boruto naruto next generation episode 40

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 40 Subbed

Boruto naruto next generation episode 40
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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 40 : Team 7’s First Mission!

Mostly because every fan was waiting to see Mitsuki in his Sage Mode Avatar. Now I’ll just quickly summarize how I thought the episode actually turned out to be.

At the beginning of the episode we saw Orochimaru telling Mitsuki that his memories were taken by a shinobi called Log, and they have to go back and capture this Log alive, and retrieve his memories. Till this point it was pretty intense. We were Introduced to a completely new character, and we learned that Mitsuki was a Jonin + level shinobi as a kid. Later, when Mitsuki removes Log’s mask, he looks like an older version of Mitsuki himself. We also got to see Mitsuki’s sage mode, and I thought it is dope.