boruto manga 44 review

boruto manga 44 review

I think those fans will enjoy reading ‘Amado’ because it gave us a lot of information in a single manga issue.

Greater war against Kara is still at hand as they continue to reveal their connections to the Otsutsuki Clan and other devious plots, and Chapter 44 threw a wrench into things by revealing yet another traitor to Kara’s group besides the suspected Kashin Koji. This traitor was the focus of this latest chapter, and it’s got fans feel tense.

Amado making his way to the Hidden Leaf Village and wanting to talk with Shikamaru. I guess whatever he wished to achieve was very important because Amado didn’t play around. He easily took down Shikadai, Chocho, and Inojin, and then proceeded to take Shikadai hostage to get an audience with Shikamaru.

temporary reprieve from action with the latest chapter of the series, fans are still feeling tense as this traitor made their way to the Hidden Leaf Village and revealed their intent to defect to Konoha. Surprisingly putting Shikadai in harm’s way in order to speak to Shikamaru, this traitor left the series on a major cliffhanger as fans wonder what’s to come next month with Chapter 45.

still waiting for an explanation about how the Karma Seal might be related to the Byakugo Seal that Sakura and Tsunade have. I noticed that the mangaka forgot to draw the bomb around Shikadai’s neck in one of the panels. It happens